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Discussion in 'Plastic Surgery' started by Kristopher, Jan 17, 2012.

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    I am a General Practitioner but have personal expertise in foreskin restoration (non-surgical) as I have successfully restored my foreskin and I look naturally intact. I have 2 patients that inquired about reversing their circumcision with their G.P.s in turn were referred to me. Considering that those two patients are restoring I can give them suggestions that worked for me. I normally would not disclose personal information to patients but I do make the exception with these two. I give them pointers on how to achieve their goal quicker and pointers on how they want their foreskin to look like ie different stretching techniques produce slightly different results. I ask them to come in for follow ups at least every two months. I monitor their progress and I perform and perform an exam of their penis to make sure there is no tearing or too much inflammation. Stretching the prepuce has to be done right otherwise it may slow down progress or cause damage such as minor tear on the frenulum or excessive redness. I'm not a plastic surgeon but certainly have expertise of non-surgical foreskin restoration. My patients feel 'very lucky' to have me as their primary care physician. If I have to disclose personal experience it is purely for their benefit; I do draw the line when questions arise about how my penis looks or my sexual activity as that is a boundary I do not cross. I will however give them advice or answer questions strictly to the 11 year period of my restoration and techniques I have used.

    Foreskin restoration, surprisingly, is unheard of among most physicians as it is barely mentioned in medical school. Even urologist know little about the methods of non-surgical restoration. I welcome any questions about this topic as information is hard to find. Most information can be found on forums on the internet with men sharing their progress, experience, progress pictures, new methods etc

    I do welcome other physicians questions as per this topic especially if they have a patient asking how to get his foreskin back. I also have progress pictures that I documented but are available on request to medical personnel.


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