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Uncovering The Truth Behind 8 Common Plastic Surgery Myths

Discussion in 'Plastic Surgery' started by dr.omarislam, Oct 19, 2017.

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    Some aspects of plastic surgery are considered a mystery, even to healthcare professionals. Here are some of the most popular plastic surgery myths that have been taunting the medical world for ages:

    1. Plastic surgery is not all about beauty and vanity
    Plastic surgery is not just about making a person look prettier or better, it is also about being able to fix what is wrong with a patient in the case of birth defects or physical injuries. For years, plastic surgery has been able to help children and adults who were born with cleft palates.
    2. Plastic surgery is solely catered for women
    These days, there has been a huge increase in the number of male customers going for plastic surgery procedures. It is no longer known as a medical industry aimed solely towards women. Men too have realised that they need plastic surgery in their lives to help them feel better. The most common procedures paid for by men are dermal fillers, laser treatments and Botox.
    3. Cosmetic surgery is the same as plastic surgery
    No, it is not. Just like any other field in the medical world, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are two different specialties. Cosmetic surgery focuses wholly on the aesthetics of a person’s beauty and the decision to go for it is all up to the patient.
    4. Cosmetic surgeons are not as qualified as general surgeons
    Contrary to popular beliefs, cosmetic surgeons are qualified doctors in their field of specialisation. Most tend to think that cosmetic surgeons know nothing, which is why sometimes they mess their patients’ faces up. But that is not the case at all, as cosmetic surgeons have a high level of training, strong knowledge base and most importantly, enough practical experience.
    5. Men patients only use Botox
    In the world of plastic surgery, it is assumed that men only use Botox as a cosmetic procedure. That is not exactly accurate as men are also known to make use of microdermabrasion, hair transplantation/restoration and liposuction. It has also been discovered that more and more men are letting cosmetic surgery into their lives and investing in making them look good.
    6. Mysteries and breasts
    One body part that always comes in focus when plastic surgery comes in the conversation is breasts. As it is, there are lots of mysteries surrounding the procedures that can help a pair of breast look better. Most people think that breast augmentation is the same as breast lift; it is not. It is also common to think that breast implants are no good when it comes to breast feeding; that is just a misunderstanding and not true at all. Breast implants also do not increase the risk of getting breast cancer.
    7. If you can’t lose weight, there is always liposuction
    No, liposuction is not another way for a patient to lose weight. It does seem like the easiest option for patients with money, but cosmetic surgeons are obliged to ask patients to lose weight by themselves first because they should be healthy before going for this surgery. Liposuction, on its own, is also not able to remove cellulite.
    8. Only the rich can afford plastic surgery
    It is highly believed that plastic surgery costs a lot of money. It is not true at all, as there are different costs for the many procedures in the plastic surgery industry. Plastic surgery is an affordable option for the average patient, who is looking to physically fix and restore something. Plastic surgeons would not have survived thus far if only able to rely on rich patients’ money.


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