Water flosser types and benefits

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    Water flosser types and benefits

    There's no doubt that toothbrushing isn't the only method to get clean healthy teeth.

    Flossing is a helpful method to get this desired result . Dental floss, with its different types, is used mainly to remove remaining food debris and accumulated plaque between teeth which the toothbrush cannot reach in most cases.

    But in some cases, Flossing with conventional dental floss become difficult like in case of orthodontic treatment, implants, bridges and crowded teeth.

    So, a new technique in Flossing has been invented called "water Flossing", in which removing of plaque and debris depends on focusing water under pressure comes from equipment's tip in teeth cervix, below gingival margins and in between teeth.

    Types of water flossers that dentists advise to use :

    1- Waterpik aquarius water flosser :

    - It has 10 different modes of water pressure to be controlled by the user.

    - It has only one tip to be used.
    images (17).jpeg

    2- Zerhunt cordless water flosser :

    -It is portable.

    -It has many color coded tips to be used by more than one person.

    3- Philips Sonicare electric water flosser :

    -It is an excellent one which can be used with water or mouthwash.

    4- VAVA water flosser :

    -It is available with two color coded tips.

    -It applies gentle pressure with massage to gingiva.
    images (18).jpeg

    Using water flosser may be highly effective than using traditional one and may decrease patient's regular visits to dentists.

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