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what if pharmacies is no longer available ?

Discussion in 'Pharmacy' started by Sorial sameh samy, Sep 6, 2019.

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    Online pharmaceutical market

    Digital marketing proved itself to be an efficient yet a successful approach to boom any industry, in the medical field the merging of marketing online and the pharmaceuticals is the new era for a whole different market of pharmaceuticals . The interest in online marketing processes on the pharmaceutical market is due to significant changes caused by, among other, the rapid development of innovative technologies and the amendments to the legislation governing those processes. To begin with, the pharmaceutical market differs from any other market that is why certain rules and regulation have to be established like in India the (DCGI) drug controller general of India pointed some regulations to prescriptions and online sales and marketing. The online pharmacy term is being newly formed and introduced to the world. It aided in business developers for the industry and the patients as it reaches everyone anywhere. In addition, it is expected to even have a breakthrough in year 2024. Not to mention the remote areas for the pharmaceutical companies are now being easily and within reach.

    Challenges in the online retails:

    Many key players have already put a foot in the online pharmaceutical market making it more challenging also the regulation and guidelines for scheduled drugs making it difficult. Not to forget about the world health organization have a part to ensure the safety of the patient, as he will receive the right prescribed drug. Also being aware of self-medicine as one may harm himself by not knowing the side effects of the drug he orders as we eliminate the human factor (pharmacist help). Now comes the million-dollar question would the online pharmaceutical market affect the pharmacy outlet?

    The smacking of online pharmacy to the retails pharmacies:

    It offers quick, massive reach if backed by strong logistics network. This is accompanied with the fact that it gives assured access to medicines in the quickest possible time to the needy. The growth of online pharmacies has also given rise to a fear among the retail sellers that their business would be adversely affected. However, this claim seems to be partially faulty as the pharmacist have the liable feedback from the patient and human factor plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Changes in the buyer behavior on the pharmaceutical market make it necessary to use

    New forms of marketing communications that incorporate technological progress and reflect

    The needs of health care professionals and patients in terms of access to comprehensive

    Information and the time and manner of its provision.

    Tools for E-pharma marketing:

    Over the past few years, the notion of e-pharma marketing has emerged, describing

    Essentially virtual communications on the Internet.

    E-pharma marketing usually includes the following tools:

    - Websites (including thematic portals, medical portals, product cards)

    - Databases (medical registers)

    - e-mailing (enabling the application of viral marketing techniques)

    - E-knowledge (e-learning, e-CME)

    - Online PR (press media on the Internet, word of mouth marketing)

    - E-communities (web 2.0, web 3.0)

    - averaging

    - Videoconferences

    - SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

    - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    - E-detailing

    - CLM (Closed Loop Marketing)

    The tools listed above are used on the pharmaceutical market either only in the

    Communication process between drug manufacturers and doctors or pharmacists (e.g.

    Videoconferences: e-detailing, CLM) or are universal in character and are applied also in

    Contacts with patients (e.g. websites, e-communities, averaging, online PR).

    The introduction of e-detailing into the promotion mix used by pharmaceutical companies means using an attractive form of communication that enables its users to shape the marketing message in a variety of ways and affect most of the senses and emotions also The involvement of doctors in the message and interaction makes communication more effective.

    In conclusion, the role, responsibilities, and liabilities of e-commerce marketplace and the product sellers need to be clearly defined. It becomes, even more, critical to have a framework in place when the intermediary is selling drugs where the safety and health of the consumer are of paramount importance

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