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Who Needs Scientists? It’s Not Like We Listen To Them Anyway.

Discussion in 'Hospital' started by The Good Doctor, Sep 2, 2021.

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    Aug 12, 2020
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    But seriously, who needs scientists? It’s not like we listen to researchers or pay attention to the warnings. The world is burning up with record ground-breaking temperatures. These so-called scientists predicted these warnings decades ago, with great details. Who do they think they are? They got lucky! They are fear mongers and not to be believed. Look at the fake media! Landslides, earthquakes, fires, flooding, drought, and the list goes on. It’s just a coincidence that every continent globally is feeling the impact. Life happens, and there is nothing to worry about. Live your life. Enjoy your personal freedoms because nobody has the right to tell you what you should do.

    Seriously though, I was in 10, I remember listening to my teacher talk about global warming and the effects of burning fossil fuels. They spoke about these futuristic warnings, which, when I was a child, seemed scary. I did the math; those warnings were predicted to happen in my lifetime, and I was not impressed. With all due respect, adults who are way older than me, why on earth are we even living through these predictions when we were clearly warned, over and over again


    I feel that the warnings were largely ignored because long-lasting, meaningful policy changes were not made. Did policymakers not realize that this was going to affect them, even in their own lifetime. In my lifetime, I have front row tickets to watch the global tragedy unfolding, and it’s scary. I am shocked, but not so shocked, to know that many people completely deny global warming. They believe it’s a hoax and a conspiracy theory for government control. I am sure the people who believe it was a hoax were some of the same people who refused to do their homework and wanted participation trophies for everything. I could be wrong, though. I might be a little confused; after all, I am living in a smoke-filled world, as the last time I checked, a good part of the world is literally on fire.

    I get it; I might not be the most credible writer. I know I wasn’t educated in the school of Facebook, Google, and random blogs. I get it; who do I think I am, being educated by those big universities which indoctrinate people and grab their money. Formal education is a big scam, as we have no relevance.

    I laugh. Look at the biggest scam in the 21st-century: the COVID-19 pandemic. What a joke: The fake virus is just like the flu. COVID 19 is not serious at all. Why worry about it? It’s all the way in Wuhan, China; this is America; we’re fine. Mmm, But let me not forget, the biggest scammers of all, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Who cares that he has many degrees, has attempted to advise multiple presidents, and has brushed shoulders with the “brightest” scientists. Whats does he know? He and the lot of them are just fear-mongering.

    Seriously everyone. Science eradicated polio, measles, and so many other diseases. Herd immunity requires the overwhelming majority to do the right thing. These are the same scientists that took humankind to space, created mobile phones, electricity, and medical technology. I don’t know about you, but the odds are stacked against us if we don’t listen. The earth-shattering consequences of misinformation, delay in action, and politicization of public health issues will be our downfall.

    I am a proud science-trained medical doctor and concerned mother. I am not going to remain silent when the biggest tragedies are yet to hit earth yet. Like seriously, I do not want to become like the dinosaurs. History wasn’t too kind to them. Just saying. Scientists say the worst is yet to come if America doesn’t listen. What do scientists know anyway?

    You might disagree with my words, but If you want to get angry, write many insults, and be in denial, go ahead. I am a mother bear, and I do bite, as it’s called self-defense. To all my fellow scientists and torchbearers of the truth, I salute you. Let us not stop speaking the truth until real change happens.


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