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Why Do Resident Doctors Have A Tendency To Get Depressed?

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by bart, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Moving, work overload, unstable schedules, and 24-hour guards, are some of the factors that lead residents to be almost twice as likely to suffer from depression as the rest of the population.

    This is confirmed by a study carried out in Spain, which estimates that mental discomfort goes from a prevalence of 15.1% when the doctor begins residence, to 28.6% at the end of the first year. These data agree with another international study, published in the journal JAMA Network, which stipulates that the prevalence of depression among these young doctors is between 20.9% and 43.2%, while that of the general population is 16%

    The great care pressure under which doctors find themselves at the beginning of residence affects their day-to-day psychologically. They are people who perform a work of excellence and who suddenly invalidate the ability to integrate work, personal and training life. The change of city to which some are involved can also affect their mental stability.

    24-hour guards

    The 24-hour medical guards are one of the factors that most alter the psychological situation of doctors. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Spanish Association of Resident Internal Doctors, 18% of doctors acknowledge having used drugs to regulate the circadian rhythm, and 34% acknowledged having suffered an accident after leaving the guard.

    These guards are very long and require high performance. In addition, more residents than we believe make guards of up to 36 hours, because after finishing their work they do not free, either by their own commitment or by the demands of the hospital where they work. On the other hand, having to face their first critical situations or death also increases the stress of doctors according to studies.

    We have to be clear that resident doctors cannot be treated as cheap labor, and we must put an end to the idea that residence must be hard, which is to suffer. Passing periodic health exams and having adequate guardianship are other possible solutions to this tendency to depression of Medicine residents.


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