Worst Side Effects Of Keto, Paleo And Other Diets

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    Diet plans help in getting healthy and in losing weight. They should be…ideally.


    According to Tina Martini, fitness guru, naturopathic chef and author of Delicious Medicine: The Healing Power of Food, meal plans such as Keto, Paleo, Whole30 and Dukan are not long-term solutions for keeping weight and excess body fat off. “Often, you will put on more weight than you originally took off while following a trend diet,” she said.

    Other than that, these certain diet plans have side effects you hardly realize so find out now.


    Making your body starve of carbohydrates and letting it burn stored fats instead for energy through the state of ketosis in order to lose weight is the concept of the popular ketogenic diet.

    Ketogenic diet or keto diet is lowering your carb consumption and taking in more fats. You are significantly cutting your intake of fruits, vegetables and grains - consequently removing your sources of vitamins and minerals - and replacing them with high-fat foods and protein.

    “There is too much focus on adding additional fats,” Martini said. “Ketosis is a dangerous condition that can do long term-damage to your overall health,” she added.

    If you are still unconvinced, there have been those who follow low-carb diets who complained of having flu-like symptoms referred to as “keto flu”. They report feelings of lack of energy, upset stomach, nausea and decreased mental function.

    In fact, keto diet landed at 38 out of 41 in the annual rankings of “Best Diets Overall” in the latest U.S. News and World Report (USNWR).


    Assuming a cave man’s diet from the Paleolithic era is the theme of this diet. Paleo diet is eliminating refined sugar, dairy, legumes, and grains in your daily food intake.

    Research revealed that paleo diet helps control diabetes in the way it improves the effectiveness of insulin in the body, thus lowering the body’s resistance to the sugar-regulating hormone.

    But this type of diet can lead to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar if you are using glucose-lowering medications. Paleo diet can also cause you bad breath, low energy and diarrhea.


    The trendy Whole30 diet ranking side-by-side with keto at 38 on USNWR adapts the idea that your physical and mental well-being is tied to what you eat.

    Since you can’t yet identify which foods your body needs, you will have to remove sources of dairy, sugar and alcohol in your diet for 30 days and replace it with fruits, vegetables, eggs, seafoods and meat.

    You will reintroduce the foods that were eliminated on the 31st day and your body’s response to it will tell you which foods you need, limit or avoid. However, the downside of this meal plan is the meat consumption.

    According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, you should limit your intake of red meat if you have developed liking. You don’t want to have colorectal cancer, don’t you?

    Dukan Diet

    If ranking last in the USNWR list of diets still does not convince you, Martini said that this type of diet is the biggest fad ever, and that everything in dukan diet is just unbalanced.

    It splits your food intake into four phases that starts with high protein, then gradually introducing veggies and some carbs. The same side effects exist with this diet as with other low carb, high protein plans.

    To feel your best, Martini suggested choosing a more healthy diet such as the Mediterranean diet which tops the USNWR list. “Pick good fats, exercise, get outdoors, and eat small, consistent meals from a variety of foods close to nature,” Martini said.


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