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Your Body over The 24 Hours

Discussion in 'Physiology' started by waleed, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. waleed

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    Aug 12, 2011
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    1-2 am : Lymph T-cells are at their peak

    low Secretion of urine

    3-4 am: growth hormone at the maximum level 5-6 am: asthma attacks tend to occur
    Menstrual cycle begins

    Insulin levels in the lowest level

    Blood pressure and heart rate increase

    Increase the level of stress hormone "cortisone"

    7-8 am: ​​melatonin levels begin to decline "stimulating to sleep"

    More frequent headache interesting

    Increasing the number of sperm

    Risk of heart attack and stroke are at the highest rates

    Arthritis in the worst symptoms.

    Hemoglobin level at the top.

    9-10 am: short-term memory in their best

    11-12 pm: The best time to focus

    1-2 pm: increase amount of urine

    3-4 pm: pulmonary function at their best

    Body temperature and pulse rate and blood pressure at its peak.

    5-6 pm: better fitness

    7-8 pm: The function of the liver and digestive system are at their peak

    Increased Toothache

    9-10 pm: Sexual desire in the strongest case and Increase in Skin Sensitivity
    Allergic reactions occur.

    11-12 pm: ovulation women are more likely

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    Source :Your Body over The 24 Hours | The secret to better Health

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  2. rabab froja

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    Jun 8, 2011
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    its ok by all of the body stages through the day accept that one which held in 11-12 pm - its like a storm effects the whole day P:

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