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10 best foods to build lean muscle

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 10, 2012.

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    [h=2]Salmon[/h]Salmon is a source of protein, the main macronutrient responsible for building muscle. In addition, salmon contains healthy fats, specifically the omega-3 kind. Research published in the "British Journal of Nutrition" highlights that obese subjects had lower omega-3 levels than healthy weight subjects. Scientists suggest that omega-3s can help prevent fat accumulation.

    [h=2]Eggs[/h]Like salmon, eggs are a powerhouse in terms of protein and healthy fats. The white part of the egg contains pure protein, while the yolk contains the bulk of the nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin D. In addition, yolks can aid muscle growth. Research cited on the Muscle and Fitness website shows that subjects eating three whole eggs a day doubled their muscle mass and strength compared to those who didn't eat whole eggs.

    [h=2]Quinoa[/h]Quinoa is an unusual carbohydrate source, according to the Men's Health website: It's a grain that contains all the essential amino acids. As a complete protein, quinoa supplies slow-digesting carbs, which fuel hard training and provide steady energy. Furthermore, it's full of fat-busting fiber.

    [h=2]Spinach[/h]According to Muscle and Fitness website, spinach contains the photochemical 20 beta-ecdysterone, which research shows can boost protein synthesis. Moreover, spinach is rich in fiber and vitamins A and K.

    [h=2]broccoli[/h]According to the Nutrition Data website, broccoli is packed with vitamins C and K, not to mention it's a good source of folate and fiber.

    [h=2]Shrimp[/h]Packed with protein, shrimp is ideal food in your quest to build lean muscle. The Nutrition Data website states that shrimp has little fat and is an excellent source of vitamin D, a vital nutrient that has few sources. Furthermore, it contains iron and the antioxidant selenium.

    [h=2]Blueberries[/h]This fruit has potent antioxidants, vitamin C to boost the immune system and vitamin K to build bones. A study published in "Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care" shows that blueberries are effective in reversing cognitive decline by reducing aging neurons.

    [h=2]Greek Yogurt[/h]According to the Nutrition Data website, Greek yogurt contains 20 g protein--about double the amount of protein of other yogurts. Greek yogurt also contains probiotics--good bacteria that aid digestion.

    [h=2]Beef[/h]Beef is loaded with protein and vital minerals such as zinc, selenium and iron, according to the Nutrition Data website. It also provides a healthy dose of B vitamins to turn food into energy.

    [h=2]Beans[/h]Beans are a cheap fiber source and provide a good dose of protein. They also contain folate, zinc, magnesium and iron, according to the Nutrition Data website.

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