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5 Quick Tips For Healthy And Luxurious Hair

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Medicopk, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Nowadays, not only women but men too are willing to pay any amount of money for finding out the secret behind healthy hair.

    Irrespective of the type of hair you are born with, follow these 5 tips and see the results yourself: healthy and luxurious hair.

    1) Diet: Healthy hair beings with your body.

    Dark green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C which is needed to produce sebum, the body’s natural hair conditioner. Coconut is also considered as an excellent food for hair. Dairy products such as fresh yoghurts and milk not only strengthen your hair but also add shine to it. Avoid processed and canned foods as they are not really helpful in providing nutritionto your hair. If you maintain a healthy, balanced diet then there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving healthy, happy hair.

    2) Hairbrush Usage :

    Brushing your hair before shampooing is essential as it stimulates the scalp and promotes blood flow. It also helps in removing scalp flakes and product buildup. Moreover, do not brush your hair when it’s wet as this causes unnecessary breakage and damages hair. Avoid using plastic, metal and nylon brushes as they attack and break the hair cuticle. Finally, brushing your hair regularly will keep it looking healthy and glossy.

    3) Blow Drying:

    Avoid blow-drying your hair as it can make your hair brittle and cause split-ends. Squeeze the water out with a towel and let it dry naturally. If you must use a hair dryer then keep it at the lowest setting possible. Similarly, steer clear of hair straightners and curling irons.

    4) Stress:

    Stress can have extremely adverse long-term effects on both the quality and the color of your hair. Learn to manage your time well and keep mental pressure at a minimum level. Practice meditation as it is an effective relaxation technique. And last but not the least, get adequate amount of peaceful sleep.

    5) Oiling and conditioning:

    Treat your hair to deep conditioning once every twoweeks. They strengthen your hair and protect it against breakage as they penetrate the hair shaft. A warm oil scalp massage twice or thrice a week will also help to keep hair moisturized. Leave it on overnight, if not, then at least for an hour or two before shampooing your hair. Regular oiling and conditioning notonly result in lustrous, healthy hair but also help in preventing hair loss.


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