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Best 10 Tips To Have Flat Stomach

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Sep 30, 2012.

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    Having a flat abdomen is not impossible , these tips will help you to lose weight and to lose your belly fat :

    1. Physical Exercise

    In order to lose belly fat quickly, the role of physical exercise can not be ruled out at all, it is not helpful to reduce belly fat but it is imperative to control you weight and to bring you in a charming and sexy figure. For quick belly fat loss, it should be kept in mind that abdominal exercises are more useful and always consult your fitness trainer before starting any specific physical exercise. You may start with easy exercises and keep moving towards heavy exercises gradually, keeping in view your body.

    Belly fat which looks very odd and ruins your beauty is also an indication and invitation to so many health problems. Diabetes, heartburn, heart diseases, renal diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, dementia, stroke, rheumatic pains are kinds of illness which are obviously attributed to obesity, over weight and belly fat. Fastest way to lose belly fat is you hunger control and to adopt a healthy eating plan in less quantities but more frequently. Here are the best ways to lose your belly fat quickly and naturally without taking medicines.strength and stamina. The best physical exercises to lose belly fat are mostly recommended are cardiovascular exercises (cause thumping heart and burning fats) such as jogging, aerobics or cycling.

    2. Exercise before Breakfast

    The best time for physical exercise to lose your belly fat fast is before breakfast because your body has to burn excess fat as he found no food to burn with empty stomach. You may opt swimming, bicycling and running as physical exercise to burn off your belly fat. At least 30 minutes workout time is sufficient which may be increased to one hour gradually with in few months.

    3. Use Fat Burning Food

    While trying to lose belly fat, some food items have been proved to burn fat quickly. So always be inclined to eat more these fat burning foods like whole grains, seafood, brown rice, egg whites, skimmed milk, and lean poultry. Similarly some food items attributing to gain weight must be avoided such as burgers, deep fried foods, fatty meats, pizzas, bakery foods and sweets including all foods containing lots of sugar.

    4. Avoid Alcohol Drinking

    You must be careful in drinking as much as in eating foods to get the quick and positive results in loosing belly fat. If you are addicted to alcohol, some health advisor may permit you time to time drinking but there is no chance to lose your belly fat if you drink sweat alcohol or bear daily. Bear drinking results in belly fat, men’s boobs and peer shape with the passage of time. Liver of alcohol drinkers remain under stress to clear toxins and results in hepatic diseases. Avoid alcohol totally or minimize its quantity as much as you can to control belly fat.

    5. Don’t Skip Breakfast

    While sleeping you metabolism gets slow down and uses less calories. Healthy breakfast results in making your metabolism fast. After a long interval of full night it is necessary to boost up your metabolism in the morning so always eat healthy breakfast.

    6. Increase Water Intake-Drink Plenty of Water

    Your body required to be hydrated and drinking more water is necessary to meet the requirement. While urging to lose belly fat quickly, water always helps you much more keeping your body hydrated and results in burning more calories and washing out the toxins from it.

    7. Take Green Tea

    Take green tea as it is proved to neutralize the bad effects of fatty food resulting in natural weight loss.

    8. Avoid Unhealthy Foods and Drinks

    Food items attributing to belly fat are known as unhealthy foods and drinks which may be cut off in order to lose belly fat quickly. Diet sodas, diet drinks, fatty foods, sugar mixed foods alcohol have extremely bad effects, hindering in loosing belly fat.

    9. Take a Deep and Freshening Sleep

    Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep will result in giving more energy ant to boost your metabolism, making it easier to exercise and eat well. People having good sleeping routine gain higher metabolisms and feel better in general.

    10. Write diary of Eaten Foods and Physical Workout

    Maintain a record by writing diary what you have eaten today in detail. This will help you to analyze your intake irregularities and also record the exercises and physical workout you have completed.

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