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market of strange chemicals

Discussion in 'Pharmacy' started by Sorial sameh samy, Sep 6, 2019.

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    Everything in our universe have developed and evolved to be sophisticated and mature with this development comes one of the most important yet least noticeable the chemical market in another words the chemical industry however we are going to highlight to just the most a narrow index of this market .

    History of chemical industry:

    It started from the ancient Egyptian civilization where they used to produced metals and alloys of gold and silver. This was 7000 be. It certainly took a huge step from this era reaching 1736 the first true industry and manufacture of sulfuric acid by the pharmacist Joshua Ward that had various application in explosions pigments and cellophane. It did not stop at this in 1749 it had a slight change by a factory in Preston pans, Scotland which used a condensing chamber to maximize the yield.

    In the late of the 19th century Germany had a noticeable inflict on the chemical industry they developed market for fertilizers. In addition, we will not forget the industry of perfumes; all of these are chemicals that where unknown however brilliant minds changed the notaries to super stars of the chemical markets.

    Famous chemicals:

    Nowadays the more scare the better, plant earth has many valuable and rare natural materials and products what created the market for those products is the increase in demand for them. This list and prices are going to amaze you. to begin with gold , gold is a chemical so scare and has a huge market for jewelry and accessories all around the world making the demand of gold enormous leading to a price for a single gram to reach 56$ . then comes the Rhodium it may sound unknown but wait till you hear the price of the gram they use It in different alloys and as a catalyst to prepare platinum plates also in jewelries it comes with a price of 58$ per gram . the platinum comes next with a price of 60$ per gram its used in jewelries also and most countries have high demand for platinum plates due to a belief that it can protect the value of currency and money against inflation rate that made it a metal with huge importance . methamphetamine the dream of each pharmacist (The breaking bad myth) and the one drug prohibited in many worldwide countries it’s a cans stimulant chemical which has a huge demand among abusers that’s also due to its hard to extract a single enantiomer of it and it comes with 100$ per grams as a price tag .heroin a chemical comes from opium strong analgesic and a really addictive drug however its price is 130$ per gram making it on this list as heroin market made macular amount of money to the ones who sells it . but it’s not easy to put your hand on it .if you think that the only thing comes out of coca leaves are coffee beans you are wrong they also produce cocaine the strongest cans stimulant known to humans the gram cost 236$ . now its tritium a gas that glows its used in nuclear weapons as its radioactive gas and in self-powered lightning products as watches it comes with a price tag of 30,000$ per gram . Diamond the most famous stone it is very rare and have a high demand as no woman will not see it and will not want to own a diamond ring. It cost 55,000$ per gram. In 1950, they synthesized an element called californium and it has only been once it is the most expensive element on earth cost 25-27 million dollars per gram .it’s a radioactive chemical used in nuclear reactors. The last one is antimatter it is a huge source of energy and used as for space craft fuels do not be astonished but it cost 62.5 $ trillion per gram.

    All of these chemicals comes from nature we created a demand and a market for them either they are rare prohibited or even sounds not possible like the antimatter. Markets around the world tend to rise and fall like the stock market however this

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